Incheckning minst 15 min före avresa Alla resenärer måste checka in minst 15 minuter före avresa. Resenärer från Bergen måste checka in minst 30 minuter före avresa og från Geiranger in minst 45 minuter.

Changed berth in Hammerfest

Due to construction work, Hurtigruten's berth in Hammerfest has been temporarily changed to Quay 23, Fuglenes. The address to the new quay is Industrigata 5, 9600 Hammerfest.

MS Nordnorge. 02.04.2023.

Due to the event "Ski Classics, Summit to Senja" on 02.04.2023 MS Nordnorge will have a delayed departure from Finnsnes.  The ship will depart Finnsnes at 12:30, and will therefore also have a late arrival at Tromsø at 15:15, with departure northbound from Tromsø at 19:15. In addition there will be minor delays in the following ports,  Skjervøy, Øksfjord, Hammerfest, havøysund with arrival at Honningsvåg 03.04.2023 on schedule.

MS Polarlys cancel all ports between Havøysund Northbound and Skjervøy Southbound 31 March - 02 April 2023

Due to weather conditions in Finnmark, MS Polarlys cancel all ports between Havøysund, northbound route and Skjervøy southbound route March 31st - April 02nd. The ship will be on schedule from Tromsø southbound 03 April 2023.

MS Nordlys canceling Southbound ports 01-03 April 2023


Due to technical issues, MS Nordlys will cancel the following southbound ports:

Rørvik 01.04.23

Trondheim 02.04.23

Kristiansund 02.04.23

Molde 02.04.23

Ålesund 03.04.23

Torvik 03.04.23

Måløy 03.04.23

Florø 03.04.23

Bergen 03.04.23